Branded Business Games Icons5
Pricing & Features
Branded Business Games Icons5

Brand & Play Package

Choose a game from our growing library of Ready-to-Go template games, tailored with your branding (logo, brand colour and text)

per year
  • 1 Branded Game + 1 Christmas bonus game (12 month subscription)
  • Add your logo and key brand colours (main collectables & buttons)
  • Customise text
  • Live leaderboard
  • 50,000 Plays (with the option to buy more if needed)
  • Real-time access to game data
  • Manage your leaderboard, edit and delete entries
  • Grow your library of games as we add to the collection
  • Fully hosted for 100 concurrent players (with the option to buy more if needed)
  • Optimised for desktop browsers and compatible with mobile and tablet devices (may not be compatible with older or lower specification devices)
  • Fully supported by our game-wizards
Branded Business Games Icons5

Design Upgrade

Want to go further and completely reskin your chosen game with a new theme and full branding? Get a Design Upgrade!

per game
for two games
  • Work alongside our team to design every element of your favourite game
  • Create a new game theme, customising all text & imagery
Branded Business Games Icons5

Bespoke Games

If you're looking for a game that's completely unique, get a Bespoke Game! Our creative team will work with you to build your very own game, where every pixel and line of code is created just for you.

ask for a quote
If you’d like a Bespoke Game start by Contacting Us to discuss your project.